Ballad Tunes

In 1972, Bertrand Bronson published the fourth and final volume of The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, the culmination of decades of work gathering and organizing all of the available tunes for Child's ballad texts.

The collection, nearly 2,200 pages of tunes and texts with notation for 4,120 tunes, was hailed as a milestone in ballad scholarship and has never been surpassed.

Bronson also prepared a single volume edition, The Singing Tradition of Child's Popular Ballads, which includes only those tunes from the larger collection that were gathered from traditional singers (as opposed to manuscripts).

Loomis House Press, in collaboration with CAMSCO Music and Princeton University Press, is pleased to make Bronson's masterwork available to a new generation of scholars and musicians, and at 1970's prices. The original volumes sold for $40 each; our facsimile edition is $40 per volume for paperback, and only $50 each for a durable library/textbook binding

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